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About Us



JACKY TEXTILES LTD. Established in 2005 in Hong Kong with the sole intent of satisfying customers with the finest fabrics for shirting, suiting and lining. Along the way we have grown a recognizable brand, LEONARDO BOCELLI which has reached to many areas of the world such as U.S.A., United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada and All of Asia.


With many steps of success and failure, we have been striving in finding the best contrast between quality of fabrics and designs in various types of fabrics such as Cotton, Poly cotton, Linen and Seersucker. These are no ordinary fabrics either,

Our shirting Fabric Collections are woven from selected Egyptian Giza Cotton and provide superior quality. With unique finishing methods and twists to the fine yarns makes the shirt to be luster and soft. With continuous effort in adapting to the new trends in our now modern market, there have been new additions to the types of fabrics and designs entering our industry and thus we promise to always provide the latest trending fabrics.

Our World Class Suiting and Jacketing fabrics are made for the wearers of finest of tastes. From Modern to Classic Designs, our collection showcases the design that fits the personal taste of every man. Our fabrics are woven using only the finest merino wool and luxury natural fibers and are made to wear throughout the year in every corner of the world.

Meet the Dream Team

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